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I am an Istanbul-based, digital-bred communication professional.

Started my career in Procter & Gamble (Brand Management) and I quit P&G to start Project House in 1999 with my partners. Project House was a start-up in my tiny room and we made it a digital-centric communication group, one of the biggest ones in Turkey and in the region, acquired by HAVAS in 2010. Making this happen in the past 18 years is how I learned entrepreneurship the hard and fulfilling way, long before the word “start-up” was cool & sexy.

After successful exit from Project House, I was offered the chance to lead all HAVAS creative agencies in Turkey. It is a team-game and my primary function as a top manager is to ensure people meet their passions in their jobs, help them remove business barriers of any kind (mostly mind & attitude).

I’m a father of a son, in constant search of “the truth” and still a work-in-progress. If you have a passion for something AND any track record of resilience towards it, we should meet.

I promise to buy you great coffee!Please also check out Serhat Akkılıç linkedIn profile.

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